FIFA 12 gets digital-only expansion: UEFA Euro 2012 announced

No boxed release for this year's licensed FIFA effort

EA has announced EA Sports UEFA Euro 2012, a downloadable expansion for FIFA 12 which includes all 53 UEFA member national teams and eight official tournament stadiums.

I've been trying to think of something funny or quirky to say about this, but it's no use - my footballing lore is insufficient to sustain in-jokes more sophisticated than "FIFA 12 shoots for top of charts" and the like. Somebody fill the awkward silence, quick! We're running dangerously close to serious reportage here.

The download adds an Expedition Mode, in which you build and manage a custom national squad. There are also in-game Challenges based on "real-life storylines" from the event itself, updated via some sort of asynchronous networking tie-in. Your Captain can be either a genuine footballing celebrity or your Virtual Pro player.


MCV speculates that the decision to go download-only has something to do with the existence of three strong-selling boxed FIFAs this year - FIFA 12, FIFA Street and the unannounced FIFA 13. It's apparently a "big blow" for the high street, accustomed to squeezing late summer profits from EA's licensed footie outings.

UEFA FIFA 12 is down for release on 25th April. It'll cost 1800 MP.

Ballsy enough for you? Here are some screenshots. There are apparently no "dramatic leaps" planned for FIFA 13's technology following FIFA 12's innovations (including the much-touted Player Impact System), though the game will support Kinect.