Dragon's Dogma video blow-out: Dark Souls to the tune of Dragon Age

Capcom exclusive: Matt dissects the Pawn system, classes and skills

For those of you who missed last week's shocking revelation, Matt discovered that Dragon's Dogma - aka "Japan's own Skyrim" - might actually be an awesome game. Still in the "Dragon's Whatever, amirite" camp? Watch the man's hand-crafted video preview and you might just think twice.


Even after 10 minutes of carefully edited excitement, Matt simply wouldn't shut up about the game, so we let him take the preview code home for the weekend. (Again.) Hopes that this might sate his Dogma lust proved unfounded, as he returned to the office today with not one but two new videos, covering the game's secondary gameplay mechanics in greater depth.

First up, a proper guide to Dragon's Dogma's Pawn system. You may have heard a bit about this unique NPC-sharing feature already, but it's all a bit confusing till you see it in-game. Here's the lovely Lees to break down the subtleties:

Dragon's Dogma Gameplay - Pawn Guide

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If you're keen to hear more about how the Dragon's Dogma class system works, and get to grips with those delicious, nourishing character skills, make a beeline for the video below.

Dragon's Dogma Gameplay - Class & Skill Guide

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Got more questions about the game? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll do our best to fill your knowledge-hole.