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Prey 2 rumoured cancelled, Bethesda won't comment

Human Head offering hits the chopping block?

Bethesda will announce the cancellation of Human Head Studio's Prey 2 this week, according to a report.

The sob story comes care of PS Focus and its "reliable sources". Predictably enough, the publisher's not budging on the subject. "Bethesda has no comment on Prey 2's rumored cancellation," a spokesperson told GamesInformer.


It's been a while since we had any new info on Prey 2, an open world mash-up of Blade Runner and Mirror's Edge that's as far from the original, rigidly linear Prey as, well, an open world mash-up of Blade Runner and Mirror's Edge. In hindsight, this seems a bit suspicious.

Read more about the game's imaginative leaps over 'ere. We're reached out to Bethesda to express our fervent hope that Prey 2 is still releasing this year.

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