Grand Theft Auto 5 multiplayer stars Max Payne 3 "crews"

A little extra incentive to embrace the Payne from Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto 5's multiplayer component will allow you to import clans or "crews" from Max Payne 3, Rockstar's co-founder Dan Houser has revealed.

It's all part of a plan to "to make multiplayer deeper and richer than what's currently available, much more easily accessible to the newcomer and rewarding for the hardcore," the reclusive boss-man told IGN.

"Multiplayer is an ever-more important part of all our games moving forward," he said. "And by creating crews through Social Club, the crews that you create in Max Payne 3 will be ready and available for you to play in Grand Theft Auto V from day one."


Get the skinny on Max Payne 3's multiplayer in our hands-on preview. Despite the pleasant unfamiliarity of its offering, Rockstar isn't worried that it'll struggle to win over customers from more traditional shooters like Gears.

"We made a promise not to talk too much about forthcoming games until a little further down the track but, yes, crews will feature in Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer," Houser concluded.

Grand Theft Auto 5's release date has yet to be confirmed, with some sources speculating that a slip to 2013 is in store.

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