Video: Bayonetta lords it over Anarchy Reigns

Probably the best special guest star ever

We were already quite happy to fall head-over-heels in love with Anarchy Reigns, a game which might loosely be described as "Bayonetta meets Powerstone", and now PlatinumGames has gone and added Bayonetta herself as a special guest. The video below will make your glands ache. All of them.

The comely witch brings along the lion's share of her moveset, from those heel-mounted pistols to her grisly/sexy guillotine finishers. The sight of Dante's worst nightmare tearing a flamboyant rival to ribbons with roundhouse kicks, finishing with a catwalk close-up... Eep. It's been too long.

Anarchy Reigns is out in Europe on 6th July.

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