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Kinect Rush

The best Pixar game to date, by a country mile

The characters and fun of five Pixar films, all bundled into a Kinect game for kids. It might sound like the height of cynicism, but whatever the title suggests, nothing here feels rushed.

All five of the game's themed areas are accessible straight off the bat, with three different levels to unlock in each. The quantity isn't vast, but the quality is superb - with the worlds of Cars, Toy Story, The Incredibles, UP! and Ratatouille all beautifully presented using each film's style.

Each level turns on the idea of using your imagination, with the children you meet in the Pixar Park hub creating new adventures about their favourite films. Dashing through will only take a few hours, but there's plenty of reason to revisit the game. Replaying levels unlocks new powers and objectives, and there are hidden coins and medals to discover via secret routes. You can always split up in co-op to find everything.


Characters move forwards when you jog with your arms, and sprint when you use your legs too. These controls carry over between areas, but there are unique ideas to keep things fresh: you'll jump over obstacles, climb up walls, swing on ropes and throw objects around, among other things. The Cars levels focus on nothing but driving, but the other four worlds offer more variation, hopping between manic chase scenes and simple exploration and puzzle-solving.

You'll tilt your body to roll around on giant balls, swim underwater to find hidden coins, and hop into hang-gliders, kayaks, and remote control cars. The Kinect controls for all these activities feel intuitive, accurate, and responsive. Considering the range of gestures, there's impressively little frustration involved.

You can activate two-player mode by simply standing up and joining in at any time without fiddling around with sign-ins, and quitting the action is just as simple. Older kids will rinse everything in just a few days, but children still young enough to enjoy repetition will love Kinect Rush more than anything else in the world. The hectic limb-swinging can be tiring, but you'd need a heart of stone not to find fun here.

The verdict

Fantastic family fun while it lasts

  • Kinect controls done properly
  • Varied and interesting level design
  • Two player stuff doesn't feel tacked-on
  • Kids will find great replay value
  • Doesn't last long
Asobo Studio
Party, Action