Drug-fuelled Far Cry 3 gameplay trailer details pre-order DLC

Hang-gliders, stealth, sliding gunplay, caves, magic mushrooms

Far Cry 3 was already looking challenging enough, what with all the pirates, machetes, bazookas, flamethrowers and pitfalls. Turns out you'll be tackling some of that under the influence of hazardous narcotics. Almost Jackass-ish, isn't it.

We've got the latest trailer to thank for that bit of insight, plus news of the game's pre-order exclusive DLC. The latter includes two new single player missions, Forgotten Experiment and Ignition in the Deep, plus a Japanese World War 2 flare gun for multiplayer, and comprises 40 minutes of additional playtime.

Without further ado, the trailer. It's an action-packed affair, putting things mildly.

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