Dragon's Dogma exclusive: video guide to Japan's own Skyrim

Elder Scrolls scale meets Dark Souls combat. Could this be the perfect RPG?

To be perfectly blunt, I thought Dragon's Dogma was going to be rubbish. A demo we saw at the start of the year convinced me I was looking at nothing special, and the screenshots that surfaced didn't it many favours either. Even playing the game at Penny Arcade Expo this year left a bland taste in my mouth.

But when preview code finally landed on my desk, something changed. I popped on to give the game another chance for an hour, and didn't leave the office till close to midnight. After switching from ambivalence to mild obsession, I harassed Capcom to let me take the preview code home for a weekend so that I could make a video about why it's so amazing.


We'd usually do stuff like this in the office, but we didn't have time, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I need to tell you all about this game. This strange, deep, fascinating game. I'm almost exploding with excitement just writing this blurb. For the love of god, just watch the video.

The new issue of OXM (buy online or via Apple Newsstand) has a full Dragon's Dogma preview for those who want to know more, but in the meantime I'd like to take you on a little adventure. Forget everything you've presumed about it so far, get a cup of tea, and hit play.

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Shove all of that apathy back in the tin. If you're an RPG fan, get excited.