Kinect Star Wars almost had pre-planned DLC

"We wanted to put as much as we possibly could onto the disc."

This isn't the day-one DLC scandal story you're looking for, Stormtrooper. Microsoft once considered setting aside certain Kinect Star Wars modes for downloadable content - including the controversial Galactic Dance-Off - but eventually lumped everything in for the sake of a broader offering.

"We haven't announced any yet," global product manager Glenn Gregory told OXM. "Our approach has been to put as much as possible into the core experience. When we looked at developing this game we got to five different modes and there was a lot of talk about whether we're putting too much game on the disc.


"Certainly we could've done the dance mode as DLC, and you've probably seen the reaction we've got in the press to the dance thing, so maybe people think that should be a completely separate game," he went on. "Personally, we want this to be a Star Wars game that all Star Wars fans are going to enjoy, so we wanted to put as much as we possibly could onto the disc.

"Once it's out there and we see what people like and what they respond to then we'll probably look at our downloadable content plans based on that. I think that people are really hungry for another chapter in the Jedi Destiny mode, and we've got tonnes of ideas for where we could take that."

Regarding grumpy fan responses to "sillier" Kinect Star Wars modes, Gregory pointed out that Star Wars and humour aren't mutually exclusive. "The thing that's hard is that it's such a rich universe, there's so much variety already that if someone focuses on a particular aspect and takes it too seriously then they're missing a lot of what's in that universe. I grew up with the original trilogy, and there's so much humour in those movies.

"They're not broad comedies, but humour is definitely part of what Star Wars offers. The way it's been rolled out, there are three generations of fans. Those who grew up with the original trilogy, those that grew up with the prequel trilogy, and the Clone Wars trilogy which is now. You see 5 year old kids dressed as Boba Fett or Darth Vader and I think to myself: 'How are they experiencing this? I was dressing as Vader when I was 5 years old'."


Mass Effect 3 is the centre of this month's pre-planned DLC storm (despite sterling efforts from Street Fighter X Tekken), with executive producer Casey Hudson describing it as "sugar on top". Former BioWare designer Christina Norman was a little blunter in her appraisal, telling fans to "stop thinking you're a producer and telling us when and where we should be building our content".

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