Medal of Honor developer: we don't want to "pick a fight" with Call of Duty

A war of words would be "disrespectful", says producer

Danger Close says it won't be resuming last year's high profile catfight 'twixt Battlefield and Call of Duty with Medal of Honor: Warfighter, as this would be "disrespectful" to the real-life soldiers who feature in the new Medal of Honor's storyline.

We covered the war of words in depth over the summer, from John Riccitiello's opening "We're going dead at 'em" to Bobby Kotick's snide "So far I've only seen Battlefield 3 on a PC".

It's a slagging match many expect to resume with Warfighter, which launches a mere couple of weeks before Call of Duty's traditional early November release slot, but executive producer Greg Goodrich insists he's keeping his troops out of it.


"I think that because of our genre and the history of our franchise... it's just a natural thing to want to go out and pick a fight," Goodrich told GamesMaster (via CVG). "[But] if you look at it, almost none of it came from the development team. EA is a very big organisation, and there are a lot of grown-ups and adults that manage things that our out of our control."

Like its predecessor, the new Medal of Honor stars Tier 1 Operatives, undercover shooty men who must be treated with the utmost reverence lest they camp out in your toilet with a machete - sorry, lest we muddy the reputations of Our War Heroes. The next Call of Duty (rumoured to be Black Ops 2)... well. It'll probably involve juggling nukes on the wingtips of a speeding plane, all the while undergoing cyber torture IN YOUR MIND.

"It would be almost disrespectful to come out and be boastful about a storyline that's putting you in the shoes of these guys," Goodrich continued. "It doesn't fit. But that's just from us. I'm sure that comparisons will be made and things will be said, but not from here."

Thanks for warming the crowd up, Goodrich. Kotick just phoned with a special message, by the way. He says: "speaking of things that 'don't fit', best regards to your mother."