Kinect's "next 12 months are going to be really interesting"

Microsoft promises "really cool upcoming stuff"

Microsoft's global product manager Glenn Gregory has teased Big Things on Kinect this year, in what we sincerely hope is a veiled allusion to Crytek's first-person face-bludgeoner Ryse, reportedly "going really, really well".

"We've had a great response to it over the last year and a half," Gregory told OXM at a Kinect Star Wars preview event today. "The interesting thing is seeing how it progresses and how people use it in different ways. I think there are a lot of capabilities in the hardware that people haven't used yet, and I think it's going to be really interesting over the next 12 months to see what comes out.


"Things like Mass Effect, a third-party cross-platform title, they've found some really great features of Kinect on 360. There's some really cool upcoming stuff that I think people are going to be like 'wow'."

Gregory also took a moment to reiterate Microsoft's commitment to controllers, just in case last year's harping on the subject left you in any doubt.

"My personal opinion is that there's always going to be a place for controllers. Certain games fit controllers perfectly and I don't see why you'd change those games for Kinect for the sake of doing it. It's all about using the technology in a way that's appropriate for the game as opposed to using the technology just to use it.

"Games like Halo, a fantastic controller based game, the experience wouldn't be as fun if you were standing around shooting an imaginary gun. Games like Fable Heroes, however, are built from the ground up to use the Kinect technology and I think people are going to be really excited when they see it because it's pretty cool."

More on that "really cool upcoming stuff" as we get it.