New Xbox Live Arcade achievement policy doubles Gamerscore earnings

Achievement whores rejoice as points totals rise

Microsoft has drastically upped the minimum and maximum achievements and Gamerscore you'll glean from Xbox Live Arcade Games, according to a new report.

Publishers who release a game between 1st April and 31st May will be given the choice of which Gamerscore policy they'd like to use, apparently. As of 1st June, it'll be mandatory for all new releases.

Diabolical Pitch is one of the games that could support the new policy.

Under the new terms, the base Gamerscore you'll get from an Xbox Live Arcade game will rise from 200 to 400 points or 30 Achievements, with another 100 points or eight achievements - eight achievements per financial quarter - possible via DLC.

In total, Xbox Live Arcade games could offer up to 800 Gamerscore or 62 achievements. Compare that to an upper limit of 350 Gamerscore or 35 achievements under the existing policy.

Any serial achievement grinders in the house? Let us know your thoughts. Thanks X360a.