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Mass Effect 3: From Ashes

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Day one DLC is a controversial topic, but in this case there really isn't much to defend. Whether the content gets made before or after the final game gets finished feels like a purely semantic discussion: Ashes to Ashes doesn't add a new adventure, it puts something into the game that was clearly always meant to be there.

Shoot your way through a few waves of Cerberus troops on the infamous colonies of Eden Prime, and you'll have the chance to wake a Prothean soldier up from his 50,000 years of power-napping in stasis. Along the way you'll see visions of the past, giving Shepard a clear view of the last successful Reaper invasion.

Shepard unleashes his hidden trouser-ability.

The biggest clue here is the length of the mission. After 40 minutes of action, you're rewarded with a new crew member and a fancy gun. This bite-sized slice of adventure feels comparative to many of the main game's side-missions, but doesn't go beyond the call of duty to make you feel like you're getting any value.

What makes things worse, though, is the quality of what you're paying for. Javik is an awesome character, and the minor plot details you'll unearth by talking to him are a great addition to Mass Effect 3's story - adding an extra dollop of context to the trilogy's unexpected ending.

The fundamental problem, though, is that this DLC will disappoint those who buy it. If you've finished the main game and fancy some more, you're looking at less than an hour of new content. What you're really paying for is a new crew member, and to get the most out of this, you'll want to buy the content near the start of the game.

Bioware has thrown in more goodies to entice, but one new rifle and a fresh new set of companion costumes really aren't enough to hide the truth: Regardless of when the content was physically made, it was clearly designed alongside the full game. At some point it got singled out as an element that fans would be excited about enough to shell-out for.

Spesh-Edition owners will get this for free, but the rest of us have been a bit shafted. The additions are enticing, but they're also insulting. If you're the kind of person who's easily enraged, steer well clear of this cheeky cash-grab.

The verdict

Blatantly should have been in the game.

  • Javik is a great character
  • Fans will love the new insight
  • Over in less than an hour
  • Doesn't justify the price
  • Will enrage you more than it'll entertain
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EA Games
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