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It's just a jump to the left

A puzzle game with an 18 certificate? Was PEGI confusing Warp with a mucky film? Or is Warp the first ever puzzler to feature a constant stream of sexualised profanity in the loading screens? Turns out that the cute alien who can blip through walls has a curious way of dealing with his captors. He warps inside of them and blows them up. Harsh, maybe. But rated 18? Get a grip, PEGI.

Warp brings a number of interesting new rules to the top-down puzzle platformer. You're a fragile creature - one bullet from anything will kill you. But you can warp a short distance through solid objects, into barrels and humans. With a bit of planning, you can stealthily take out a room. Or if you like to live dangerously, you can occupy a soldier until his friend gets suspicious and shoots him, leaping into your other enemy just before you're killed.


You pick up other powers as you go. You'll learn to project a ghost that distracts guards and attracts fire, and to use that ghost to swap places with humans and barrels. Each power adds a new strand to the puzzles, and the lab tests you brilliantly. It's never frustrating, although that's probably because the difficulty is never more than "light, enjoyable challenge".

If we have one complaint, it's the fact you have to waggle the thumbstick for a few seconds to blow up the thing you're occupying. You're not using B or Y, guys. But otherwise this is an intelligent and modestly-priced puzzler that'll lovingly abduct an evening from your life.

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Clever, original and surprisingly murderous

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