Battlefield 3 DLC packs fill June with weapons, vehicles and maps

Three new expansions unveiled, console server rental service planned

I've been getting back into Battlefield 3 lately - hurrah for a working Quick Match feature! - so the announcement of no less than three new Battlefield 3 downloadable expansions, offering new explody deathsticks, drivable instruments of flattening and theatres of war, is joyful news indeed.

The first of the packs lands in June, titled Close Quarters, with 10 new guns and four new maps. One of them's called Ziba Tower and according to early reports, is chock-full of glass to shatter.

Then there's Armored Kill, which focuses on tank combat and gives you a brand new vehicle to drive around the biggest Battlefield 3 map ever. Finally there's End Game, about which we know doodly-squit.


That's not all. In a marvellous twist, DICE plans to let console Battlefielders rent game servers and customise them with their own rules and preferences, as on PC. This is the first time a console shooter has had the privilege.

Thanks EG.