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Mass Effect 3 dominates our latest, greatest site launch

You might have noticed we've been doing more bespoke video content lately - hot audio-visual goodness like this tour of Mass Effect 3's Normandy, this guide to getting Daedric Armor in Skyrim and the OXM Breakdown series, in which trusting innocents like Final Fantasy XIII-2 are held down and chafed vigorously with the radioactive cheesegrater that is Log's sense of humour.


Not all of that's our work - the dastardly money-grubbing corporation we're a part of, Future Publishing, maintains a regular standing army of cameramen and editors, who daily knock out more video content than there are squirrels in Canada. How on earth are we to keep up with it all, scattered as their efforts are across the length and breadth of the internet? Wouldn't it be wonderful if everything was viewable in one place?

It would be wonderful - and now it is. Our friends at GamesMaster have just launched Golden Joystick TV, a portal for all the network's gameplay dissections, trailers, spoof vids, guides and talking head-a-thons. At the time of writing, the site is positively crumbling under the weight of Mass Effect 3 videos. Don't worry, there are no plot spoilers on the front page.

Go get some.