Xbox 360 dashboard gets VEVO music video app

VEVO account link-up, Facebook share, Gold only

The arrival of streaming music video service VEVO on Xbox 360 makes us want to break into song. There's just something about a freely available app that allows you to download 45,000 music videos by 11,000 artists, something, dare we say... melodious.

You'll be able to link your existing VEVO web account to the app for easy playlist streaming and share stuff on Facebook. The interface derives, like all the new apps, from Microsoft's crunchy tile-based Metro look - don't know about you, but we're starting to get serious chemical highs from the muted popping noises that erupt as you scan a row of tiles.


Of course, you'll need to be a member of the Xbox Live Gold elect if you want all this - soon to be swept up to heaven during the gaming Rapture, when the perfidious PS3-owning scum are cast into the abyss, and the Wii-playing masses cry out for succour in vain.

Here's a trailer. Check out the full list of forthcoming Xbox 360 apps Microsoft released over Christmas.