Halo 4 screenshots show up for duty online

Leaked 343 images feature jaw-dropping new Master Chief

Master Chief is back, and while he may be a little older, he's a whole lot handsomer.

Two Halo 4 screenshots have appeared on (via NeoGAF) ahead of a formal reveal this afternoon. They focus on the big man himself, looking all golden and crunchy and potent and, well, heroic. This man could beat a Wraith into submission just by posing at it.

No surprise, then, that principal engine programmer Corrine Yu is pretty damn chuffed.


"It's the best looking game on Xbox and any other consoles we ever made and we're all from AAA studios," she Tweeted. "So proud of team. Sorry."

"Never comparing others, we only compete against ourselves," Yu added later. "If we don't make better looking game than past selves [what's the point] of veterans?"

"We work hard to earn trust of Halo fans with solid work. We need let graphics, visuals, game levels speak for us, leave judging to fans."

"Each game you make should look better than your last. Otherwise, what good [are veterans]? Veteran coders [adapt and evolve]."

Posting in the same NeoGAF thread, 343's assistant director of photography Paul Featherstone claimed that the pictures were taken using a "debug cam with in-engine Depth-of-field", and are "100% untouched".

In the background of one shot, you can see what look like rocks with lava on them. LAVA ROCKS CONFIRMED. Thanks, EG.