FIFA Street

A much-needed revamp for FIFA's urban underling

While previous games in the FIFA Street series have been alright for the odd post-pub kickabout, they offer a basic experience compared to the overpowering array of modes and intricate player control in the main FIFA games. With this reboot, EA Sports has attempted to merge the showboating of street football with the detail of FIFA 12, and it manages this to a degree.

FIFA Street uses the same gameplay and graphics engine as FIFA 12, which means it's dumped the caricatured players from previous FIFA Street games and replaced them with the character models from the more serious footy title. Many of the things that make FIFA 12 a treat to play are carried over too - dribbling is satisfyingly precise and passing and shooting are perfectly tuned. EA claims the game also uses FIFA 12's impact engine, although you wouldn't know it.

Why not pass the ball like a proper show-off?

The lack of slide tackles means it's very rare to see it in action and it doesn't really effect things. Street football is all about tricks and skills and they're relatively easy to pull off in FIFA Street, though using them to take the ball past someone can be frustrating for beginners. Get used to it and you'll reap the rewards, because the more tricks you pull off the more experience points your created player gets in World Tour mode.

This is the main meat of FIFA Street, and it sees you starting with a team of nobodies playing in the slums. As you play games with various rule changes, you get to build up your squad with real professional and street players, and eventually take part in the world stage. This is a compelling mode with lots of outfits and skills to unlock, and it'll take a long time to finish. It's just as well, because that's really all it's got to offer beyond online play and quick match options.

Given that FIFA 12 is crammed with modes and teams, FIFA Street feels lightweight, with only a handful of licensed club leagues on offer and a main menu bereft of choice. Still, if you're getting bored of FIFA and like your football a little more vibrant, this is a decent if not essential choice.

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The verdict

A fine comeback but lacks street smarts

  • Has that great FIFA 12 feel
  • World Tour mode is lengthy
  • Lots of customisation options
  • Not many licensed teams
  • Short on modes and features
Xbox 360
EA Games
EA Games