Aliens: Colonial Marines will help you "make sense" of Alien film enigmas

Pitchford hoping to win over Alien, Aliens and Alien 3 fans

Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines will be a hodgepodge of nods to all three Alien films, according to studio boss Randy Pitchford, and what's more, it'll help you "make better sense" of the franchise's "ambiguous" moments.

"I think the most gratifying, if impossible, result that we could strive for would be to come out on the other end with an Alien game that fans of the series love, that video gamers love, that Ridley Scott respects and that James Cameron and David Fincher also respect along with anyone who has ever had a major part to play in the creation of any of the films," Pitchford told OPM in an interview.

"Make sense" of this, Xenomorph scum. Argh, not the face!

Set sometime after Aliens 3, the game tells the story of a roughneck squad sent to investigate the drifting hulk of the starship Sulaco. Naturally, everything goes downhill from there. Read about the guns, mechanics, areas and plot shenanigans involved in our Aliens: Colonial Marines detail round-up.

Controversially, Colonial Marines expands the universe with new Alien types. Pitchford says each and every design call has been fired over to movie rights owner 20th Century Fox for approval.

"We respect the films and have endeavoured to create the game in a way that can be considered part of the canon. 20th Century Fox has been considering our proposals and making decisions about approvals in a way that makes us confident they are considering our work as canon as well.

"What this means is that we may logically add things, but we cannot be mutually exclusive with any of the key films. This has been a really interesting and engaging and rewarding experience for us - it's one of the reasons why we wanted so much to get involved."

Pitchford feels the Alien cosmos is better for Colonial Marine's contributions. "Some of the work we have done actually helps to make better sense of some things from the film that were ambiguous. Some of the work we have done has allowed for the introduction of new elements that add more depth or width to the franchise. It's been extremely rewarding to be a part of it."

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Aliens: Colonial Marines is down for release in autumn 2012. There's exclusive game content to be had in the Collector's Edition.