Modern Warfare 3 DLC targets March: first Content Collection adds maps, Spec Ops missions

Black Box, Black Ice and Negotiator unveiled

Activision has detailed the very first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection, encompassing the already-released Modern Warfare 3 maps Liberation, Piazza and Overwatch plus the new Black Box map and two new Spec Ops missions, Black Ice and Negotiator. It's coming to Xbox Live on 20th March.

You'll get the new maps and Spec Ops earlier, however, if you're a Call of Duty: Elite subscriber, as per Call of Duty's well-documented desire to become the FPS equivalent of World of Warcraft. Black Box, Black Ice and Negotiator hit Elite on 13th March.

"In "Black Box," players will battle beside a downed Air Force One amidst multi-level homes overlooking the luxurious Southern California neighbourhood," reads the blurb. Black Ice sees you infiltrating a diamond mine by snowmobile in order to blow it up. Negotiator takes players to India to rescue hostages, and features both room clearance and street-level battles.


As the release points out, this is the first time a Spec Ops mission has been sold online. We've got goosebumps. Are there any other ways Modern Warfare 3's DLC could change things up? Infinity Ward is apparently looking into the possibility of story DLC.

Expect a further two new multiplayer maps in April, as per this thrilling MW3 content schedule. There will be four Modern Warfare 3 Content Collections in total, released some time after the individual maps and missions.