Rumour: Doom 4 cancelled, first screenshots leak

id Software's latest in jeopardy?

Oh no, not this again. Bethesda and id Software's Doom 4 has been cancelled, according to internet rumour-mongers who, we're sure, are about to be loudly contradicted by Bethesda PR people. Blah. On the plus side, what appear to be the game's first screenshots are in the wild.

Published by AGB, the screens show urban environments that range from the merely shabby and depopulated to the outright blown-to-pieces. There's no sign of the Strogg (which makes perfect sense given that the Strogg are from Quake - thanks for the embarrassing fact-check, Ben). Have a look over 'em, below, and see what you can deduce about Doom 4's plot, characters and gameplay.


Game Informer is already calling the Doom 4 rumour cobblers, and as a publication with heavy links to retail, there's a fair chance they know what they're talking about. A Kotaku source claimed the shooter had been "postponed indefinitely" last year, in response to mixed reviews of id Software's Rage. Bethesda commented at the time: "games are done when they are done and no title under development at id has been postponed - indefinitely or otherwise."

More as we get it.

UPDATE: Bethesda's Pete Hines has addressed the matter on Twitter. "DOOM 4 isn't cancelled. When we're ready to talk about it and show it off, we'll let everyone know." Thanks, CVG.