Halo 4 release date is "fake", but "stay tuned" - Microsoft

343 Industries' "cinematics video" surfaces, is shot down

Halo 4 will release on 21st November 2012, according to what appears to be a leaked 343 Industries cinematic effects reel, but guess what? It's a whopping lie.

Aside from a Halo 4 logo, the 'exclusive Halo Waypoint content' intro and a 343 watermark in bottom left, the video in question contains no obvious Halo references. You get to see test tubes filling with silvery fluid, raw energy zipping around Child of Eden style, and what looks suspiciously like R2D2's hacking tool. Master Chief, the Covenant, humanity and, indeed, organic life in general are conspicuous by their absence.


"This is actually a fake," a Microsoft spokesperson commented to Game Informer. "We haven't officially announced the release date yet but stay tuned."

Microsoft is throwing an Xbox Spring Showcase this week, with Halo 4 details strongly tipped to appear. Here's (almost) everything we currently know about the game.