First Mass Effect 3 review surfaces - spoiler-free breakdown below

Early Mass Effect 3 verdict details ending, game length and flaws

Mass Effect 3's main quest lasts between 15-20 hours, rounding out to at least 40 hours if you finish all the sidequests. The game contains roughly 90 minutes of cutscenes. How do we know? Because the very first Mass Effect 3 review is in the open, care of a German-speaking transcriber on the BioWare forums.

The Mass Effect 3 review is Gamestar's, and don't worry - we're not about to rub the many, many spoilers within all over your na´ve, trusting faces. Still, would it hurt you to know that there are over 100 "scenes" to be had (presumably both cut scenes and dialogue sequences)? And are you all that surprised to find that decisions in Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 will affect your Mass Effect 3 campaign in drastic ways?

Alreet, femsheppers. Mind the paint.

The mag's summary is that the game builds on Mass Effect 2's strengths, takes a few cues from Mass Effect 1, and is thus the most compelling Mass Effect yet. It does, however, find fault with the balancing, AI, certain turret sections and overall level design.

Mass Effect 3's ending? It's said to be "definitive", though there's an "interesting sequence" after the credits. We're sure it's got nothing to do with Mass Effect 4.

OXM's own Matt Lees is currently typing up his review, mere centimetres from this very keyboard. The temptation to peek at his monitor is strong, readers, as is the temptation to isolate minor muscle movements on his face and score them out of 10. So it's just as well you're here to distract me, isn't it? Does the Gamestar piece confirm/refute your hopes and/or fears for Mass Effect 3?

Don't click the link unless you have no dread of spoilers.