Kinect exclusive Crimson Dragon takes to the skies

Project Draco gets new title and screenshots

The minds behind Xbox classic Panzer Dragoon Orta have somewhat unnecessarily retitled their Kinect exclusive Project Draco (or Project Dragon) "Crimson Dragon". I'm going to rename this sandwich "sandwichus" in their honour.

Unsurprisingly, Crimson Dragon is rather fond of dragons - flying on them, blowing them out of the sky, even feeding them when you get a moment. It's fundamentally an on-rails shooter, one in which you tilt your body to dodge obstacles and attacks, lock on and direct homing attacks with your right hand, and unleash powerful single shots with your left.


Unleashing said powerful single shots drains your spirit gauge in bottom left. Allow it to fill, and you can scrub both hands across the screen for a smart bomb. Booyah.

Crimson Dragon is one of the upcoming hardcore Kinect games we advised you to keep an eye on last year. Have a look at the other five.

[via Andriasang]