Dead Space developer's Jack the Ripper game outed? Artworks see daylight

Canned Visceral Games project would have featured vampires - rumour

Visceral Games artist "Joebot" has released concept pics (or so he claims) for an unannounced, cancelled Jack the Ripper game, titled simply "The Ripper". Looks like it would have been bloody good. Emphasis on the bloody.

According to Siliconera, players would have stepped into the shoes of the one and only Jack, tasked with ridding Victorian London of baldy vampires. Makes a refreshing change from gutting prostitutes, I guess.


The artworks show off vampires in various states of hair loss and facial degradation, right on down to the blackened bones. Joebot worked on the first Dead Space, moving onto new IP in 2008.

Take a look at the shots. Concept artworks are rarely unattractive, but these are especially memorable. Almost Thief-ish. Cheers, VG247.