Metal Gear Solid 5 outed? Big Boss needs you

Konami advertises for "next" MGS

This report comes to you from a small cardboard box in the deepest, darkest jungle. Not really, it comes from a Wifi cafe in Brighton, where I am covering the annual TestFest conference. Except apparently I'm here writing about Metal Gear Solid 5 instead. Go multi-tasking!

Konami has all but whisked the wrappers off the next Metal Gear, which may or may not be the enigmatic, 100-hour open worlder Project Ogre, and may or may not run on Kojima Productions' impressive new FOX Engine.

Snake finally graced Xbox 360 with his presence this year via the MGS HD Collection.

A new job listing invites "skillful engineers, artists, and game creators" to visit the publisher's GDC Career Pavilion over 6th-9th March. In particular, Konami is head-hunting "project engineers for the latest Metal Gear Solid targeted for high-end consoles and PC" and "engineers to help develop next-gen game engine technology for use with the "FOX Engine".

The latter is explicitly designed to help Kojima franchises go multiplatform, and could power the unannounced Zone of the Enders 3. As for Metal Gear Solid 5, pretty much all we know is that it was once a WW2 game starring the Boss, and will be an "authentic stealth experience". Unlike Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.