Mass Effect 3 War Assets list escapes from demo, mega-spoilers on-board

This article's spoiler free, but the link at the bottom isn't

You stand at a crossroads, Shepard. Mass Effect 3 could be the most nerve-wracking story experience you'll play all year, or utterly predictable. It all depends on whether you click the link at the bottom of this page.

It's a link to a Reddit post which claims to offer a complete list of Mass Effect 3's War Assets - Reaper destruction, for the purposes of - together with the plot choices required to unlock them. Visualise it, if you will, as a red-font Renegade dialogue prompt. Tempted? You're only human.

Ashley's let her hair down.

For relatively spoiler-free Mass Effect 3 speculations, consider our Mass Effect 3 race and Mass Effect 3 character features. When you're done, why not tell us how we should review the game? There's a good discussion going already. It's certainly better than ruining dozens of hours of space drama, days before said space drama materialises on shelves.

Made it all the way to the bottom? Don't say we didn't warn you.