Armored Core 5: our best robots

The tough, the quick and the utterly fabulous

Not to be confused with Armored Courgette, From Software's Armored Core series has been around since the original Playstation - offering giant robotic jollies to anyone hardcore enough to learn the ropes.

Giant mech have a habit of showing off their laser-knees.

In contrast to the wide-open levels of AC4, Armored Core V is far more urban, featuring factories, skycrapers, and a cameo appeareance from the So Solid Crew. We made that last bit up admittedly, but it was probably worth it for the look on your face.

The cover provided by these tight-knit levels means you've got more scope for variation, adding a degree of preparation and strategy depending on the type of area you're attacking. But the real meat of the game - or metal, actually - lies with its mech editor. We spent a good few hours buying new components and making new robo-titans, and here are our favourite creations so far.

TANKBASTARD: Destroyer of the weak. Struggles with stairs.

This one's available at the start of the game, but he's far too handsome to be ignored. Those huge chunky tracks make evading attacks difficult, but that doesn't matter too much when you're able to take this much of a beating. Despite being armed to the teeth with impressive-looking cannons, he struggles to take on artillery units, which have a habit of hiding on top of lofty buildings.

Nothing beats the starry pink paint scheme of GLAMINATOR 2.0.

A fabulous example of bright-pink engineering, this standard mech build is well-suited for most fights. Two battle rifles offer long-range punch, and bipedal grasshopper legs equal decent running speed and superb jumping ability. He's also equipped with a potent jet-booster, allowing him to gain height on the battlefield with alarming speed.

QUADSLUG isn't the fastest mech in our garage, but he IS yellow.

Stomping around on four giant legs, this mech sits midway between the tanks and the ninjas. He can't carry as many guns as a tank build, but he's just that crucial bit nippier: Tetrapod builds can perform small jumps. Still, don't expect poetry in motion. Watching QuadSlug hopping up walls is a bit like watching a dog climb a mirror.

ICE_MUNCHKIN_X is still about 50 metres tall, to be honest. That'll do.

Probably our favourite build so far, this super-lightweight mech handles like a dream - speeding through the air at an alarming speed, and jumping between buildings like a deranged metallic superhero. Take a heavy hit and you'll be in big trouble, so nimble fingers are an absolute must.

If giant flying robots aren't quite your bag, be sure to check out From Software's cult hit of 2010 - the remarkably nasty gem known as Dark Souls.