The OXM Report - Hitman Absolution

Barcode-bonce swoops in for the kill

If you've ever dreamed of being a sinister-looking bald man who murders people for money, then you've probably already played a Hitman game. If you've failed to see the appeal so far - or worse, ended up watching the movie by accident - now's a good time to catch up on what you missed. Order a copy of Blood Money online, pop on the kettle, and click the video below.

This week we sent OXM's omnipresent Mike Channell to go and talk to IO Interactive's Christian Elverdam about the long-awaited return of Agent 47. He managed to sneak into the development studio by incapacitating the bloke who delivers their sandwiches, then doing a little shimmy around that wonky-looking drainpipe. Apart from that, no-one got killed.


No release date yet, but expect to see this one turn up in the second half of 2012. Our money's on August-ish.

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