Far Cry 3 is our cover star on issue 83

Get an exclusive first look at Ubisoft's twisted open world

Issue 83 is now arriving with subscribers, revealing that this month's exclusive cover story is Far Cry 3. We headed over to Ubisoft Montreal for a tour of its shocking new open-world game, which is shaping up to be one of the most exciting shooters of the year

Returning to the tropical paradise of the earlier Far Cry titles, the new game keeps the open-world freedom that the franchise is known for - you can face objectives any way you fancy, be it sneaking in and out undetected, ramming a car into the building and spamming grenades everywhere, or anything in between. What's new is a more guided story, as producer Dan Hay reveals, and a genuinely human threat. Cover star Vaas is a few coconuts short of a tree, as demonstrated in the recent trailer, but he's just one character among many - and the island has an effect on all of them. Find out how the developers, and Vaas actor Michael Mando, are facing the challenge in our detail-packed feature.


That's not all, though - in the same issue we talked to Infinity Ward about what's next for Modern Warfare 3, Firaxis about brining XCOM Enemy Unknown to Xbox 360, Radical Entertainment about the art of evil superheroes in Prototype 2, and just about everybody about why Hollywood gets games wrong. That last one is particularly interesting - let us know what you think of it, and indeed the rest of the mag. It's on-sale Wednesday 22nd - you can buy a copy online with free postage, or buy a digital copy on Apple Newsstand or Zinio.