Which game genres does Xbox 360 need more of?

Poll: desperate for RPGs, or hungry for puzzlers? Let us know

You can't have too much of a good thing, but what if you've got several good things, all wailing for your attention like newborns in a nursery? And what if one of those babies is considerably fatter and louder than the others? What if he's got the Cold-Blooded perk and akimbo FM9s?

Xbox 360's software portfolio is a mightily diverse one, ranging from the rustling enjoyments of Viva Pinata to the phallic thrills of Shadows of the Damned. But the conversation is perhaps an eensy-weensy bit dominated - a tad over-shadowed, as it were - by the shooter genre and its foremost advocate, Sir Duty of the Call family. In today's poll, we ask: what would you change?


Are you happy with the options, or do certain genres need to bulk up? The OXM team have a few ideas. As you may recall from recent features, I'm always game for more survival horror titles, especially those that actually scare me. Matt says turn-based strategy needs a shot in the arm, or at least that's what I think he means - what he actually said was: "turn-based strategy, phwoar". Quite. Log's keen on "quirky indie shit" like Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.

You take it from there. Look, we done some boxes.