Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC stars Sazh: release date and price

Also includes Chronobind and Serendipity Poker cardgames

Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC pack Sazh: Heads or Tails will arrive on 28th February for Xbox 360, a day ahead of the PS3 release.

It gives you control of Final Fantasy XIII's afro-tastic, Chocobo-owning gunman, and costs 400 MP. That's on top of some additional card games for Final Fantasy XIII-2's casino area, "Chronobind" and "Serendipity Poker".

This could be the first of many story expansions starring FFXIII veterans. Guidebooks for the game mention Snow and Lightning "volumes" which are reportedly "character specific episodes".


Add all this to the Xbox 360 exclusive weapon DLC already available for the game.

Downloadable costumes are also due on 21st February, priced at 240 MP. Leading lady Serah gets "Beachwear" clothing that mostly isn't clothing at all, if you follow me, while her young man Noel helps himself to a "Spacetime Guardian" outfit.

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