Resident Evil 6 levels, controls, "demon" zombies, Mystery Man detailed

Capcom talks characters, enemies and gameplay

How do you like your zombies? Shambolic and dim-witted, or mobile and adaptable? Capcom has released a bevy of new Resident Evil 6 details over at Capcom Unity, touching on the game's characters, setting and enemies.

A few basics to start us off: this won't be your classic, fire-from-standstill Resident Evil. Players can move and shoot simultaneously, take cover behind objects and perform evasive rolls. OK, none of that's exactly rocket science post-Vanquish, but it's nice to know we can back away from things while we're blowing them to hell.


Resident Evil 6 begins a few years after the events of Resident Evil 5. Among other blighted locations, it'll take you to the fictional coastal town of Lanshiang in China. That's Chris Redfield's beat - on the strength of the trailer, Leon Kennedy will spend most of his time gunning down elected officials in North America.

There are new zombie types (or "BOWs", as Resident Evil loremasters may prefer), including leaping undead and the J'avo - more evolved super-zombies who can understand speech and coordinate their attacks. Blast one of these suckers and it'll regenerate, but doing so risks further mutation.

Remember that bit in the trailer when Chris Redfield gets hoisted from cover by an undead Mr Fantastic? Yeah, that was a J'avo. The name means "demon" in Serbian, apparently.

There are a few quick notes on some of the game's characters. We've copied them over verbatim, just below the announcement trailer.

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Leon Kennedy
After the Raccoon City Incident, Leon was recruited into government service by one Adam Benford, who would go on to become the current in-game President of the United States. Since those horrific moments at Raccoon City, he's dedicated to the cause of confronting bioterror wherever it lies.

Helena Harper
Another government agent who was just about to become part of the Secret Service. All we really know about her is she regretfully claims to be responsible for the latest outbreak.

Chris Redfield
Part of the bioterror incidents from the very beginning, Chris continues to take the fight to the frontlines. Some kind of personal trauma, which takes place prior to RE6, haunts Chris, though he's committed to protecting Lanshiang and serving in the BSAA.

Mystery Man
Still no concrete details on who this is or what his agenda might be (seriously, even I don't know!), but we can tell he's a mercenary. At some point he's told he could save the world, though money seems to be on his mind...


Ingrid Hunnigan
Eagle-eyed fans probably spotted Leon's helpful Field Operations Support officer in the trailer. Ingrid continues to aid Leon in his mission.

Adam Benford
The current President of the United States. Though he's a zombie now, so he's probably not up to much.

This is "just the tip of the iceberg" for Resident Evil 6, with several months remaining till release. We'll keep you posted. There's a demo coming in July, providing you invest in a copy of Dragon's Dogma.