Skyrim meets Bastion in new fan video

The Kid comes to Tamriel

Contrary to expectation, Monday mornings aren't for hard-hitting news stories or even summaries of the hard-hitting news stories that hit the internet (hard) over the weekend. They're for whimsical fan videos which mix elements from brilliant role-playing games. In this case, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and Bastion.

Skyrim contributes a world, characters and mechanics, while Bastion contributes a narrator. Sounds a bit disproportionate? You clearly haven't met Bastion's narrator. He's what the Lone Ranger would sound like if the Lone Ranger had a PhD in existential wisecracks. Classy.


Don't worry, we'll get to the news bit shortly. For more on Bastion, and why the hell you should buy it, assuming you've yet to buy it - read our review.

Thanks, Kotaku.