Six great games they almost ruined

To the brink of disaster and back

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2. SSX

There's plenty of disagreement about which SSX game is the best. I'm a Tricky man, with Tokyo Megaplex tattooed into my brain. Others love the open mountain of SSX 3. One thing we can all probably agree on - the trailer at last year's E3 was like Temple of Doom's Mola Ram jabbing his hand into our chest and scraping his fingernails across our ventricles.


Faceless, humourless, and as convincing as an IT consultant in a No Fear T-shirt, it was like Macy Gray and Jim Rose had been written out of history. For months, we grumped around the office, snarling at baby versions of domesticated animals. Then came the other trailer, with cartoon attitude and a sense of fun. We've never been happier to hear Run DMC.

Maybe it was all a plan. Maybe EA were treating us like those frogs on springs, where you have to depress the frog for a while, so that it can truly leap and kiss the sky. If so, begrudging respect due.

Yes, we're being a tad premature here, but check out our last SSX preview and tell us you're not thrilled. Consider also the terror that is Matt's Downhill Slide: Extreme Caution, one of the Super-Realistic Games we invented last April.

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