Kingdoms of Amalur: seven ways to make it a 10/10

Further thoughts from our reviewer on where Reckoning could improve

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5. Give us inter-class combos
Zooming to the level of combat mechanics, I was surprised to see a game which sets such store by fluid weapon-changing pass up the chance to implement proper cross-class combos. Imagine, if you will, slicing an opponent's legs out then punching him back with the business end of a staff, finishing up with a good old-fashioned elemental ground pound.

6. Kill the inventory limit
There's tonnes to collect in Amalur, and nice as it is to have a secondary goal in the shape of an expanded weapons pouch, I really, really hate having to choose between high-value weapons because some designer's arbitrarily decided that while carrying seven blades simultaneously is realistic, carrying eight blades simultaneously is taking the piss. (Note to pedants: hypothetical example.) Not every throwback feature is cute, Big Huge Games. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

I'll see your +5 ice and raise you a +10 critical chance

7. Give us things to do besides killing
Even for an RPG, Amalur is intensely reliant on combat. All the secondary systems - blacksmithing, sagecraft, alchemy and so forth - funnel down into the clash of blade on blade. Without combat, there's simply no reason to keep playing, and that's a bit of a disappointment given the scale of the world you're given, and the depth of the lore supporting it. You've got Destiny cards in there, Big Huge Games - how about turning that customisation tool into a minigame, a la Final Fantasy's Tetra Master? Chocobo breeding is pushing it, perhaps.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is out in the UK on Friday. Give our review a whirl for the silver lining.

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