True Crime: Hong Kong retitled Sleeping Dogs, launches in August - rumour

Canned action game gets new handle

Remember True Crime: Hong Kong? The rather tasty-looking, United Front developed John Woo fest Activision canned because "it just wasn't going to be good enough", as detailed in our feature The best games you'll never play?

The one Square Enix scooped up last summer for a 2012 release? Well, it's apparently now called 'Sleeping Dogs'. As in, let lie.


Well sorry, Square, but we're not letting this dog lie. We rather liked what we saw of the game, mystifyingly binned during the preview stage, and the appearance of some tattooed artwork is pleasant news indeed. As is that August release window.

The artwork comes care of retailer Future Shop, which has since pulled it (thanks TSA), and fits a recent Square Enix trademark (sorry, Kane and Lynch fans).

More as we get it.