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The OXM Breakdown: Saints Row 3

The joy of sex, the horror of sex in videogames

There are things you just shouldn't have to do as a games journalist, like paying for your drinks and slapping each other round the head with massive purple dildos. It's a point of human decency and also money and brain injuries. But we'd do anything for Log and his OXM Breakdown series. Anything. Given enough free drinks, at least.

The latest Breakdown is here, kicking Saints Row: The Third square in its grotesquely-sized nuts. We've done our very best to ensure that it's as work-safe as possible, and failed miserably. Turn your monitor towards the wall before clicking play. Don headphones too. There are... sound effects.


What manner of man would dream up such a stinking cauldron of audio-visual slurry? Why, the same manner of man who'd introduce Sinistar to Skyrim and spill horse semen on Driver: San Francisco. We're through the looking glass here, people.

Log also wrote our Saints Row: The Third review, which you might want to revisit in search of sanity.

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