Mass Effect TV

Saved by the Drell?

As our week of Mass Effect 3 coverage draws to a close, it seems only appropriate to do something silly. If you've somehow missed out on the rest of this week's stuff, do pop over to the lovely Mass Effect 3 hub for a veritable Shepard's Pie of BioWare-flavoured news.

Spending so much time writing and thinking about Mass Effect's universe isn't good for the psyche. Sure, we've only got a month or so of waiting before we get our hands on the actual game - but try telling that to a childish room full of space-obsessed maniacs.

Matt seems to have taken the original delay of the game quite hard, and has since been looking for almost any opportunity to inject a bit of Mass Effect into daily life. The result? #MassEffectTV.

Let us know which Mass Effect related TV shows you want to watch in the comments or on Twitter page at @OXMUK. If you're in the mood for whipping up a Photoshop effort of your own, we might be able to rustle up some prizes...

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