Mass Effect 4 to be a prequel? BioWare looking at Mass Effect race histories

"There's a lot of work to be done around where these races came from"

Future Mass Effect sequels may delve back through galactic history to explore the origins of the Krogan, Asari and other races, according to Mass Effect 3's executive producer Michael Gamble.

"Without going down any specific path, you can think of many, many different areas throughout the IP, throughout the history, where there are large wars to be won, battles to be had, and a lot of development to be done around where these races came from, how they came about," he told OXM at an EA showcase last week.


"We have so much to draw from. We haven't made a decision about whether we'll do anything in the future, but if we were to do something, we just have a lot of information to choose from.

"If you boot up Mass Effect 3 and look through the codices you'll see we have tonnes and tonnes of backstory. Obviously, for Mass Effect 3 it's Shepard's story and this is where Shepard's story finishes, but the future is wide open for what we can possibly do."

Gamble wouldn't be drawn further, though his hopes for next gen consoles suggest that multiplayer could have a larger role down the road. "I can't speak on behalf of my colleagues, but personally? A machine that more seamlessly blends your offline and online experiences."

"That's something for me that's really, really important, and if we want to bring things to the next level with games. With a game like Mass Effect 3, the multiplayer stuff that we've done - blending that in and integrating it with the single player - we've begun down those lines.

"I don't anticipate that we'll regret anything related to that. It's really something positive that we've felt."

Mass Effect 3 launches in March. Give the rest of the interview a whirl, and check out our Mass Effect 3 hub for all the coverage in one place.