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Mass Effect 3 demo: eight things you have to try

Get the most out of Mass Effect 3's co-op, Kinect and story

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8. Follow the rhino
If you start really getting into the co-op mode, there are a few pro tips about that should make a difference. First and foremost: follow the rhino. For reasons we outlined a few points earlier, a lot of online players are going to pick Vanguard. That Biotic Charge is even more mental when viewed from the outside. While you're trying to ensure the survival of your team, Vanguards will be dashing all over the place and usually leaving a mess behind them.

Bioware's Patrick Weekes has put together a brilliant blog post on how to deal with this, but the gist is simple - follow the guy charging into battle, and pick off the weakened foes that he leaves behind. Friendly fire doesn't exist in Mass Effect 3's co-op mode, so it's also worth firing at a Vanguard's location immediately after they charge, even if you can't quite see the enemy behind them. According to Weekes, this tactic usually works out swimmingly.

It didn't feel substantial enough to warrant its own separate header, but the co-op mode's customisation also lets you make your character's armour bright pink. In case you aren't familiar with the intricacies of online gaming - this is totally bloody brilliant. FUSCHIA SQUAD, SPREAD OUT!

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The game challenges you with several enemy types at once.
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