Resident Evil 6 demo hits Xbox 360 first, coming in July

But only if you buy Dragon's Dogma

Capcom's announced a Resident Evil 6 demo for 3rd July on Xbox 360. Other platforms have to wait till September. Sold? Don't dance for joy just yet - you'll need a copy of Dragon's Dogma, out 25th May in Europe, if you want early access to the new Leon Kennedy.

Stranger to Dragon's Dogma? It's a sprawling fantasy action game which sees players hunting mythical beasts with the aid of AI companions. It's got serious depth - you can completely re-customise your squad at any point, and there's a mighty open world to wander - but we're still waiting to discover whether the associated running, slicing and dicing is worth the asking price.


Resident Evil 6 is a safer proposition: it doesn't seem to be turning back the clock to survival horror's heyday, but it's got three standalone campaigns, online co-op and a welter of predictably tentacle-tastic setpieces. Lovers of ripped-up B-movie tropes should be amused. Discussing the franchise as a whole, Capcom has said it's eager to seduce Call of Duty's customers.

Here's the trailer again. Resident Evil 6 is out worldwide on 20th November.

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