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Mass Effect 3 characters: the fates of Garrus, Ashley, Mordin and more

What's in store for the Mass Effect 3 cast?

Over the past few months we've spent more time than is probably healthy thinking about Mass Effect 3. Even having been lucky enough to get our hands on it for an hour or two last month, but there still remains a huge chunk of unanswered questions about our favourite characters.

Drawing on details confirmed so far and our own, not inconsiderable foothold in series lore, we've rustled up predictions for what Mass Effect 3 might have in store for 20 of your favourite characters. Most of the below are down to appear in the game in some capacity. As for those who aren't - well, let's just wait and see.

If you're keen to avoid spoilers about the plot points revealed during the third game's intro, do yourself a favour and stay away from this article's final page.


Ashley Williams
Presence in ME3 - Confirmed
Despite being the original Mass Effect's squeeze of choice, Ashley wasn't always the nicest girl to hang around with. She's proved to be quite the space-racist, questioning the need to have Krogans and Turians aboard the Normandy. After initially flirting with xenophobia, it seems like Ashley has straightened things out - putting her relationship with Shepard first, and remaining deeply untrusting of the pro-human Cerberus. Her hot-headedness might make her troublesome throughout Mass Effect 3, particularly if she feels that Shepard is in danger. Regardless of whether or not you choose to hook up with Ashley in Mass Effect 3, there's one situation she should be kept well away from. The Genophage is a tricky topic, and she didn't handle things all that well with Wrex on Virmire. By the time things kick off in Mass Effect 3, Ashley has been made a council Spectre - hopefully this won't prove too much of a power trip.


Garrus Vakarian
Presence in ME3 - Confirmed
Garrus Vakarian's transformation from paper-pushing caterpillar to badass butterfly was impressive. The first game cast him as an anxious quibbler, but events leading up to the sequel forged his character into something much harder. Despite being scarred, cold, and brutally efficient in combat, Garrus hadn't lost his two most valuable assets: loyalty and wit. After quitting the C-Sec he became something of a vigilante, assembling a team to defend innocent civilians in hopes of following in the footsteps of the presumed-dead Commander Shepard. Despite his zealous loyalty to you as a leader, his unstable personality makes his role in Mass Effect 3 tougher to predict. The fallout from the first game turned him into a remarkably violent character, and it's unclear whether things will stop there. If Garrus gets any more ruthless, he's liable to become a loose cannon.

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