Xbox 720 to support Blu-Ray, but not second-hand games - rumour

Smaller controller and Kinect 2 also planned

Can we tempt you with another next gen Xbox rumour? Oh go on.

This one's from Kotaku, according to whom Microsoft's next console will swap DVDs for Blu-ray discs, ship with Kinect's successor, and incorporate a system that rejects second hand games.

It's not clear how the latter feature would work, but the site speculates that it'll go further than linking copies of games to Xbox Live accounts, as this could be easily sidestepped by staying offline.

The new Xbox dash offers clues as to the platform's future.

Such a system would be popular among publishers like Ubisoft and EA, who have adopted controversial Online Pass measures to deter or recoup 'lost' revenue from second-hand sales. We doubt you lot would be pleased, though.

The proposed move to Blu-ray isn't all that startling - DVD has served Xbox 360 faithfully, but premium next gen games are likely to require far more storage space than even the largest current gen offerings, like the multi-disc RAGE or Final Fantasy XIII. Blu-ray packs between 25 and 50 GB, compared to DVD's 9 GB.

The Kinect refresh isn't an off-the-wall suggestion either. Kotaku's sources say the device will include the on-board processor originally slated to appear in Kinect 1. We're also told to expect a smaller controller.

Earlier this week, IGN published a report claiming that the next Xbox would be six times as powerful as the Xbox 360. Components are apparently already in circulation, and devkits are down to appear by March at the earliest, August at the latest. Take everything with a pinch of salt, as ever.