WW2 shooters: six reasons we want them back

Do mention the War

Earlier today Rebellion's Steve Hart told GamerZines that, as result of working on a World War 2 based first-person shooter, he thinks the market is "ready" for more World War 2 based first-person shooters. We were busy filing the news alongside such other timeless headlines as "Publisher not commenting on rumour and speculation" and "Activision quite chuffed with Call of Duty sales, ta", but then a couple of rogue neurones fired, and we found ourselves soberly considering Hart's proposal.

Once upon a time, we'd have scoured the entire World War 2 game genre from reality without thinking twice. Not because it gave rise to terrible memories of hauling bullet-torn comrades through slurry or machine-gunning people on beaches or dousing German bunkers with chemical fire, but because it was ridiculously, ludicrously over-subscribed. You couldn't turn around without falling over a T4 Tank, or into a foxhole packed with deranged farmboys.

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Different clichés are in vogue today - clichés wearing night-vision headsets and khaki trousers, armed with rappel lines and barrel-mounted radar - and while we're all down with that, we do occasionally find ourselves hankering for a simpler age. Is it time to give the Second World War a second shot? We've got seven arguments in favour, though we can't guarantee they'll all make sense, be grounded in historical fact, or possess any redeeming humorous qualities whatsoever.

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