Dead Space dev working on new online shooter IP

"Thrilling" action project underway at "new EA Games Studio"

Dead Space developer Visceral Games is working on a new IP, billed as a "thrilling online action shooter game", which will be the "cornerstone for a new EA Games Studio".

That's according to - you guessed it - another job posting. Visceral needs a lead multiplayer designer to work on maps for the unannounced title and mentor design staff at the new studio.

Revealingly, the desired candidate will ideally have "architectural knowledge and experience making realistic world levels". Sounds like a contemporary military setting to us - but then Visceral's awfully good at making fantastically improbable environments feel natural. What do you think?

Dead Space 2 online was a bit of a mess.

Visceral rumours have been swirling thickly over the past few months. The studio is reportedly working on Dead Space 3, which takes place on an icy planet, involves all-new Unitologist skulduggery and features supporting characters from Dead Space 2. Isaac Clarke makes a final appearance as playable lead.

None of that's guaranteed to make the cut, mind, and nor is the release of the game itself, with EA apparently underwhelmed by franchise sales. The publisher may have green-lit a Dead Space FPS. Shock.

Visceral's prowess as a multiplayer designer is, we'd argue, limited. Dead Space 2's Necro/human mash-ups were gruelling for all the wrong reasons.

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