Horror in Resident Evil: is it time to let go?

Poll: should we look elsewhere for scares?

Capcom's billing the just-announced Resident Evil 6 as a mix of old-style survival horror and ballsy action. Issued via Twitter, the company's words conspicuously contradict its reveal trailer, a barrage of explosions, rupturing zombie faces and roundhouse kicks.

It's possible this has more to do with trends in trailer production than the game itself - as BioWare has demonstrated with Mass Effect 3, pre-release videos tend to focus on the noisy highs, rather than the slow-burn lows. But this isn't exactly the first time Resident Evil's gone nuts. The series has been angling for a slice of John Woo's pie since 2005: Resident Evil 4 kicked the door open, and Resident Evil 5 shot up the hall.


Has classic Resident Evil breathed its last gasp? We're in two minds on the subject. The "yay" side points out that survival horror doesn't suit sequels all that well - if there's one thing that's crucial to fear, it's the unknown, and sequels offer much that's already known by definition. New IPs like Amnesia: The Dark Descent may have more room to manoeuvre.

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The "nay" side, however, urges us to revisit those sections of the trailer that feature Leon Kennedy. While Chris Redfield runs amok through well-lit Chinese streets, his floppy-haired comrade enters murkier waters back home in the US. The environments are darker, and there's an infected US President on the run. Potential for spine shivers? It's not impossible.

What do you think? Is Resident Evil now firmly an action game? Enjoy your weekend.