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No sex in new Tomb Raider, combat system reveal at E3 2012

"Surviving a relationship would be a bit tough", says Crystal Dynamics

If you're expecting Crystal Dynamics' sympathetic, realistic Lara Croft to succumb to her maidenly passions in the new Tomb Raider, think again. Global brand director Karl Stewart says she's got bigger fish to fry. Or rather, ravenous wolves to avoid.

"I've read and fed into the script now on many, many occasions, and I can tell you that there is no love interest in this game," Stewart told fans on the official Eidos forums. "She is trying to survive. She is busy. Surviving the situation is all she can cope with right now; surviving a relationship would be a bit tough.

Affairs of the heart and murderous cavemen don't mix well.

A future Tomb Raider could try on the idea for size, however. "In one of the next releases we could possibly see this more human Lara meet someone, but that is way over the horizon."

While romance isn't on the agenda, you can expect to meet several other human beings on your tour of the game's treacherous island setting. "There is obviously an element of mystery to the island that you have to play to properly experience. I can say that there are plenty of people on the island, and lots of diversity in your encounters.

Combat isn't the game's focus, but you'll need to kill to survive. "I look forward to fans seeing the bow in action, and to hunting," Stewart commented. "That's what you do on an island, right? Hunt."

Crystal Dynamics will share further details this summer. "We're working very hard to ensure our combat system has a variety of different play paths and play styles. Melee, ranged, and stealth interactions all play a huge part in this world. We're looking forward to showing you our combat system around E3, when we'll be unveiling it."

If you miss the older, brasher Lara Croft, it may please you to know that Crystal Dynamics thinks the new and old Laras can co-exist.

The company is working on an exciting new IP that's due to be announced this year. The Tomb Raider reboot is slated for release in autumn 2012.