Gears 3 Fenix Rising DLC pack also also hits Xbox Live

DLC avalanche continues with Epic's latest map drop

Gears of War 3's Fenix Rising DLC pack is now available to download from Xbox Live Marketplace. Season Pass holders get it free, everybody else needs to fork out 800 MP.

The pack offers five maps modelled on Marcus Fenix's personal history, from his school days at the Oracle Academy to his incarceration at Jacinto Maximum Security Prison, aka "The Slab".

Fenix Rising map Escalation is a remake of a Gears of War 2 map.

Epic feels the maps represent "a good mix of play-styles". The pack also contains four new multiplayer characters, some exclusive to Limited Edition holders, and is worth 250 gamerscore.

Finally, there's a new experience system which lets you Prest- sorry, "Re-Up" when you hit level 100, resetting to zero in return for bragging rights and unique weapon skins.

It's a 258.09 MB download. Are you buying?